Resources for Educators who are recruiting and enrolling students from China in the USA.

China’s Ministry of Education closed 252 Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions and projects


Since 2014, China’s Ministry of Education has been cleaning house when it comes to transnational education. There are over 800 of these programs that have been approved along More...

Chinese Have More Choices in China? First joint U.S.-China program in law.


China had a rough start in 2016 as their stock markets crashed and growth rates are being adjusted. Although record number of students from China have been reported for U.S., More...

Changes in China that will impact US schools


NAFSA National 2015 Recap From Recruiting Students from China for U.S. Institutions preconference workshop: In 2015, China’s Ministry of Education is no longer allowing More...

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Recap of NAFSA presentation: Managing Your Growing Chinese Student Population

Christine and I had a packed house at NAFSA Hawaii this late October. A few take aways from our presentation: Orientation: Have a pre-departure orientation preferably in Chinese More...

Chinese Families Gaming the Admissions Process

This is one of the few articles that does a good job describing some of the cultural gaps between China and US. Huffington Post’s A Particularly Chinese Dilemma: Why Chinese More...

2014 Chinese Student Rising Star Award Luncheon

Emma's speech

USA College Connection’s 2014 Chinese Student Rising Star Award luncheon took place in San Francisco on March 28, 2015 More...

Congratulations, EMMA! You are the 2014 UCC Chinese Student Rising Star

Emma's prize

In an effort to encourage Chinese students to engage with their community and focus on EQ not just IQ, USA College More...

cartoon sponge Chinese Education Culture: students=sponges

In my recent trip to China and interview with a alumni of Full Sail University, I...

college admittance letter Chinese Families Gaming the Admissions Process

This is one of the few articles that does a good job describing some of the...

mind INSIDE THE CHINESE MIND: Chinese students graduate, then what?

PREFACE January 9, 2014 I am grateful that Chinese students feel comfortable enough with me and...

Save Chinese Students from Textbook English


Here is scenario: The guy in the video is asked why he has not visited the USA. He tells the tragic story of More...

Tips on interviewing prospective students from China

How can you tell if your prospective student from China can demonstrate their mastery of the English language beyond standardized tests?..

How to help your students select a college major-College Week Live collaboration

Major Choice photo

College Week Live invited me on February 19 and March 12 to give a webinar on “Selecting a College Major.” More...

Gen Y especially from China

Over the past few months, I have been speaking to a lot of CEOs who run mid-sized to large companies. The..

Immigration Reform

A professor of Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania explains the lack of action for immigration reform. Why are politicians so..

Marketing in China (NOT CHEAP!)

On a recent trip to China, I could sense something was different. As China’s growth is slowing down, marketing costs are..


In China, the Ministry of Education issues a report that ranks all the schools based on how well students test on..

Top 5 Best Practices for Recruiting and Keeping your Students from China

You spend quite a lot of time and effort attracting this group of students but now you have to make sure..