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A Glimpse Into Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools

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When I take a campus to China, one of the highlights of our visit is to a local primary and secondary school.  If you have not had a chance to go to China nor visit a local primary and secondary school, you are missing out!

Here’s why:

  • Be pleasantly surprise by how well the students learn English and the subject matter they are studying (ie. Helen Keller, the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree).  It is such a pleasure to sit in an English with students and help them with their discussions and assignments.  Great way to understand their true grasp of the language.
  • Red carpet treatment. We have visited top public secondary schools of which some had their own private chefs to treat guests to exquisite Chinese cuisine in a private dining setting.  Be ready to be chaperoned around campus and to meet the headmaster or principal of the school.
  • The facilities range from standard (second-tiered cities) to amazing (Beijing/Shanghai)!  There are campuses that have an observatory, their own Western and Chinese musical instrument rooms, and 7D experience machine.
  • Interacting with teachers and principal can lead to partnerships beyond just student exchange but faculty exchange. Many of these secondary schools are looking to innovate how they teach their students and they are quite competitive with one another.  If your campus can offer them a customized training in either TESL or in general Western education, you might have a blossoming relationship ahead.

Here are images from Public Secondary School in Beijing Haidian district.

Here is a primary and secondary school in Beijing that is pathway to the Beijing Foreign Studies University.  After our visit with BFSU, the introduction was made to visit their primary and secondary school.


Luoyang Private School #2 more space and larger campus.


To find out which local Chinese schools are a good fit for you, contact

Irene Tieh, USA College Connection

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