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Welcome to is a platform to help U.S. educators who are recruiting or hosting students from China to better understand and support these students.  Afterall, a happy student from China means that they will recommend their friends and family to your school.  Word-of-mouth works better with this group than any money spent on marketing especially since they are overwhelmed by the selection of our U.S. schools.

After having spent time living, studying and working and both China and U.S., I realized that cultural differences are significant between these two parts of the world. Without a good grasp of understanding these differences, it is challenging to help a group of students whose world is constantly changing, faster than any other country.  What we study about China in the textbooks is no longer the China of today.  Luckily, I can speak the language and can get into the minds of both the students and parents from China to help manage their expectations about the USA. What I have concluded from these interactions in both cultures is that we have a lot more in common than we think. Both countries are striving to reach a higher global standard so that any student, Chinese or American, can contribute and be productive in the global economy of the 21st century.

I respect all the educators who have provided an academic explanation on how these two cultures approach learning. What I hope to offer and convey is a way to look at students from China in a way that is not so foreign to us in the USA. For example, I spent 10 years learning Spanish in Texas and even though I did very well in class, nothing could have prepared me for the culture shock I experienced when I studied abroad in Spain. In fact, I know Chinese and use it everyday but when I went to study at a Chinese university, my language ability was challenged once again. I would like to think that I was a good student and smart but still, I needed a few months to adjust to my new environments. Keep this perspective in mind, no other foreign student group is as large as the group from China. There are 200,000 of them coming to our country to study and only 1/3 of our students are going to China to study.  So I hope that by sharing my personal experiences and knowledge of the Chinese and US cultures, I can help bridge this gap.

I hope to accomplish two goals with this platform:
1) GETTING US READY FOR STUDENTS FROM CHINA: Continue the conversation and questions about Chinese culture and academic system.  Exchange best practices and success stories so that every school can find options and resources on how to better help their students from China.

2) GETTING STUDENTS FROM CHINA READY FOR US: Discuss new ways to help these students so that they continue to make the U.S. their number one destination for higher education.

I know that my perspective is one of many but I hope to encourage more of you to share your own experiences as well.
I welcome questions, comments and suggestions. Thank you for visiting
Irene Tieh
University of Pennsylvania MA, BA.
Founder of Cross-Cultural Connector



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