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Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

Changes in China that will impact US schools

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NAFSA National 2015 Recap

From Recruiting Students from China for U.S. Institutions preconference workshop:

In 2015, China’s Ministry of Education is no longer allowing new GuoJi Ban to be formed on existing campuses. The GuoJi Ban was created in both private and public schools in China for students who wanted to forego the GaoKao and study aboard to US/UK/etc for college. Many of the GuoJi Ban had no structure senior year. While their classmates were busy cramming for GaoKao which took place end of the senior year, GuoJi Ban students were done with SATs, TOEFL and college applications by Fall semester, leaving Spring semester completely vacant without courses. Many parents gave their child internships instead of wasting that Spring semester. Putting a stop to haphazard GuoJi Ban may not be a bad idea until schools figure out a better way for students to use their final Spring Senior Semester.

Also NEW 3+1 and 2+2 programs are also on hold since the Ministry of Education is in the process of evaluating existing programs and will not approve new ones until the clean up the existing programs.


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