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Chinese Have More Choices in China? First joint U.S.-China program in law.

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China had a rough start in 2016 as their stock markets crashed and growth rates are being adjusted. Although record number of students from China have been reported for U.S., will that change in the future as Chinese families will have more choices at home and less reasons to leave their country? In this case, law is so different between the two countries but it’s needed since both countries conduct so much business with one another. Finding a legal team that is savvy with both U.S. and China law is hard and very expensive. I see this has a positive as it still gives Chinese students exposure to U.S. and I hope it gives our U.S. students more opportunities to learn in China in return so that theyLaw3 can be even more competitive.

Tucson News has reported that “University of Arizona is now offering students in China a chance to earn a dual degree in law, exposing them to the quality and breadth of legal education offered to students here in the U.S. and addressing the increasing globalization of legal practice.

The UA received accreditation to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Law in Qingdao, China.

The dual degree program would be offered through Ocean University of China. It’s the first joint U.S.-China program in law available fully in residence in China, according to a press release.”

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