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Published On: Wed, Mar 2nd, 2016

Chinese Students at Community Colleges Soar +550%

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As the Chinese economy slows down and families recover from the stock market, how will this impact one of our biggest exports -US Education? I firmly believe that the Chinese will continue to send their students to the US but they may not be able to pay the double tuition hikes. Instead, more of these families will look for value and find ways to help their child fulfill a US College Degree without a heavy price tag and lack of services. The best place to start is COMMUNITY COLLEGES? Why? Community Colleges already work with new immigrants and have extensive ESL programs. They are better positioned to help students from other nationalities and have extensive transfer programs to get students where they need to go. Community Colleges are ideal for Chinese students who need to relearn English so that they can actually apply it to daily life not just to pass a test. Most Community Colleges have faculty or staff who are multi-cultural and can create additional mentor groups to help students integrate and adjust.

It is no accident that there is a 550% increase on enrollment at Community Colleges for this group of students. The South China Post article sums it up pretty well.

Irene Tieh
USA College Connection
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