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Chinese students have more options domestically-what does that mean for international admissions?

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Chinese universities are losing a lot of students to US. They are starting to create alternative programs to keep students from studying abroad.

Huffington Post’s Beyond GaoKao, reveals an interesting twist to the typical college path in China.liberal arts
More humanities and liberal arts programs have emerged over the last 3 years. Fudan University’s BoYa Bei in Mainland China (directly translated as Liberal Arts and Sciences Cup), is the first among all programs of its type. It is open to all Mainland Chinese students in their last year of high school. Successful individuals have to pass three rounds of stringent selection–an essay, a two-day Experiential Camp at Fudan and an interview with 10 university faculty members.

In addition, the Ministry of Education is no longer allowing new International Track programs (vs Gao Kao for domestic university) in high schools to exist. That means only the schools who already have the International Track (GuoJi Ban) can continue but the question is how long? Is MOE realizing students from International Track are not learning as rigorously (senior year is open for self-study, college application and internships) as their Gao Kao counterparts?

What will this mean for the future of international recruitment at US campuses? My hope is that competition will make better programs and students as the outcome.

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