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Published On: Tue, Jul 9th, 2013

How to tell if the standardized test score matches the student’s actual English fluency?

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If you have read some of my blog entries, you will know that Chinese students excel at test taking. Naturally, they tend to score higher on TOEFL, SAT, IELTS but it does not mean they can actually use the English proficiently or fluently in person. When I worked for a language training company in China, we would call this “mute English.”
However, given the right circumstances, even in China, I was able to see my employees’ English improve after 6 months.

The important thing to notice is whether the student has the right attitude to improve their English skills. If they do, then the rest is easy. If they do not, then they will most likely stick to their own kind and not try to participate in class or in campus life.

I also interviewed staff for global companies as well as prospective students for local high schools and colleges in the Bay Area. Interviewing candidates is the best way to get a grasp of their English level beyond the standardized test score.

Please review my interview tips.

Irene Tieh
Cross-Cultural Connector and
Founder of USA College Connection

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