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Internationalization and Campus Safety in the Trump era

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After the 2016 Presidential Elections, I am beginning to hear the concerns of Chinese parents and families and have already witnessed their decision-making process as it impacts our education and international student recruitment.  Many Chinese families are expressing their concerns about the safety of their child in the U.S., especially after hearing our President’s rhetoric towards China and various immigrant groups.  For graduate students, the idea of H1B and having the opportunity to study and earn employment experiences in the US will no longer be possible.  After visiting my partner in New Zealand, we are seeing more Chinese families are considering New Zealand and Australia over the USA due to safety (no guns), more economical tuition rates (China’s economy is slowing down) and kinder/gentler attitude towards international visitors. However, US still remains on top of their list for education for many Chinese families.  What Chinese families have accepted is that their child will most likely return to China for employment opportunities after their US degree.

Many campus leaders must consider how to balance seemingly opposing political values to enable free expression, yet foster a climate of mutual respect and sense of personal safety on our college campuses.  Do not wait until something happens, be proactive and do not forget your international students as many of them may not be as vocal as our domestic students.

Internationalization of our campuses is more crucial than ever!  Especially after accompanying one of our state universities on a recent country visit to China, it is clear that other parts of the world invest heavily on their education and globalization whereas we will have more challenges ahead in the US.  We do not want to lose students to New Zealand and Australia or other parts of the world. We cannot control what Trump says but we can pay attention to the existing students on campus.  Focus on the students who are already here, retain them, make sure they receive the best experience possible so that they can tell their friends to keep the US as a top destination for education.  Reassure your current Chinese students that they do belong and are welcome on campus and in your communities.

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