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Published On: Tue, May 30th, 2017

What to expect during your China visit?

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Before you leave for China, there are quite a few things you will have to consider.

  1. Hierarchy: They are more formal, we are more casual
  2. Gift Exchange- given at each campus
  3. Travel arrangements: Do try to find out where the campuses/offices you are visiting are located and stay at a hotel close by. China has a billion people and tons of traffic
  4. Take the train! Flying takes longer with more inspections and more $$
  5. Do know that this is the first step to your relationship building. Do not expect too much if this is your initial meeting even if you just signed in MOU.
  6. Notice how they roll out the red carpet. Be sure to give them the same treatment if they visit your campus.  If they provided a chaperone or translator, provide the same courtesy or preparation for your guests when they visit from China.
  7. Lots of banquets, meals and BaiJiu (watch out!)

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