Resources for Educators who are recruiting and enrolling students from China in the USA.


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Cross-Cultural Connector, Irene Tieh, guides private and public schools (from secondary to higher education institutions) in building successful programs that will attract the right students and retain your existing students.
Programs cover:
Raising awareness and promoting your your campus through innovative programming, career development, introduction to the visa process, an overview of the education system in China, and intercultural programs that will help faculty, students, and host families prepare for incoming international students.

Irene’s team encourages schools with existing programs to look at ways to improve these programs, engage existing students from China or find out how UCC can help you with the social integration of your current Chinese student population. There are more alternatives for schools then ever before as China continues to expand its education reform. There are new, meaningful ways for schools to connect, from interesting webinars, innovative short-term programs, to sister school relationships and joint-coop programs.

Breaking into a foreign market can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly especially if you are unfamiliar with the ways things are done. UCC can help you find cost-effective methods through innovative marketing campaigns that will build relationships in local communities and generate qualified leads for your school or program.


Faculty Intercultural Training
We work closely with schools to assist them on all cultural aspects in their international programs. The purpose of our intercultural seminars is to provide understanding of learning differences between U.S. and China so that faculty and staff can help Chinese students thrive and succeed.

Typical problems in an academic setting that our seminars address, include:

• Understanding the Chinese concept of “face” or the significant roles honor and shame play in Chinese culture that will impact students in your classroom
• Encouraging student interaction and integration inside the classroom and socially/on campus which includes class participation
• Asian communication styles
• How to relay the importance of Community Service and Plagiarism
• Basics that Every Student of China Will Need or Be Interested In

Student Orientation Workshops
Most students from China are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of living in cities of at least 15 million. If these students arrive on a quiet high school or college campus, the experience can be an extremely lonely and disorienting. This seminar is specifically designed to help incoming Chinese students ease their way into their new environment and gives students the tools they need to achieve success while studying in the U.S. even long before they arrive.
Topics addressed include:

• Home-country or virtual pre-departure preparations (what to expect on the way to your U.S. school)
• U.S. Learning Culture compared to China’s
• U.S. Classroom Expectations and Academic Integrity Policies
• Student-teacher Relationships
• The Importance of Extra–Curricular Activities/Community Service and Coping with Dorm Life
• U.S. Social Culture and Etiquette

In addition, these seminars provide an overview to American culture addressing such topics as family values and religion, holidays, food, the media and sports and recreation.

Student Integration Programs
What social integration does your Chinese student population encounter at your campus? How do you find out from these students what they are struggling with? Are you satisfied with the response to the problems that these students have? Find out how UCC can help.

There is a great demand in China for groundbreaking, short-term programs in the U.S. These programs offer an unparalleled way for Chinese students to visit the region and immerse into the U.S. culture and academic system.

We collaborate with schools and universities in designing innovative intercultural programs such as fun sports, math or music competitions, global leadership and citizenship programs, community outreach programs, and creative pre-college courses in areas such as art, music, sports or computer science. We find creative ways to get students to your campus and experience the community around your school.

We take pre-existing school programs and create something dynamic yet attractive to Chinese students who are eager to stand out on their college applications.

We take pride in developing thoughtful and long-lasting partnerships that pair American and Chinese schools and colleges sharing common interests and goals.

Joint-Coop Programs
China’s education reform is truly happening at a staggering pace. More and more schools are incorporating American curricula and teaching methodologies into their classrooms in the forms of ‘guoji ban’ or international education track intended for those students who will study overseas for college. When done well, these joint-cooperative programs offer American educational excellence inside Chinese classrooms. They also strengthen the international program on the U.S. side and bring in additional school revenue.

We work with domestic American schools in identifying Chinese schools that are the best fit and in ensuring the quality and integrity of the program on the Chinese side. Our team also helps to monitor the program in China. Talk to us about launching a joint-coop model in your school or sister-school ambassador program.

Sister-School Ambassador Programs
Sending one’s child to the other side of the world to enroll in a high school is a daunting concept for any parent especially a Chinese parent with only one child. By taking part in a sister school ambassador program, students in China get a chance to visit American schools and experience first-hand our culture and academic style. Similarly, American students have the opportunity to live with host families in China, study the language and experience the culture in a real and life-changing way.

The peer-to-peer relationships developed through these programs help to break down cultural barriers, stereotypes and misunderstandings. Beyond the student level, there is also the opportunity for faculty exchange between the two schools.

We customize programs to fit your budget, resources and needs. Contact us at

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