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Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2015

Recap of NAFSA presentation: Managing Your Growing Chinese Student Population

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Christine and I had a packed house at NAFSA Hawaii this late October.

A few take aways from our presentation:

Orientation: Have a pre-departure orientation preferably in Chinese before the students leave for USA and invite parents or family members so that they understand what is required of them. Remember that culturally, academic integrity is hard to grasp in the education system they come from.

Partnerships: Whether you have a small team or large one, always partner up with Chinese Student Association on campus, study abroad China returnees and other departments like Career Services, Learning Center, ESL to make sure that your students from China succeed after they get to campus.

Support: Since we know that most students are using agents, be sure that you respond to inquiries promptly. Sometimes, the information we provide may not be clear enough. If you do not a representative in China, you should try to hire a student as part of their CPT or OPT to help answer some questions that may need immediate response (time zone difference could delay).

If you need the presentation, please email

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