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Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2013

Teaching Stanford Students How to Write a Resume

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Stanford 10 18November 1, 2013
The Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford invited me to speak to their group about “How to Write an Effective Resume.” As we all know, Stanford has a Career Services department but when the students tried to reach out to them, they were unable to accommodate due to lack of staff and resources. The students informed me that the highly sought-after internships in Silicon Valley start recruiting after November but it is hard to book an appointment to seek the help they need from Career Services since it is one of the busier times for the department.

For these students, the issue is that they actually do want to use campus resources but sometimes the resources are limited. If it can happen to Stanford, it can happen on any campus. Encourage your students to book in advance and if there is a peak period, try to invite guest counselors or graduate students to give your Career Services department a hand.

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