Resources for Educators who are recruiting and enrolling students from China in the USA.
Published On: Wed, Apr 1st, 2015

“Tools for Managing Chinese Students” Session for NAFSA Regional 2013 in San Diego

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nafsaNov 7, 2013 11:00am PST, Summary for “Tools for Effectively Managing Your Growing Chinese Student Population”

I had the great pleasure to present with the legendary Jimmie White, Derrick Banks and Amy Wang. The four of us combined our knowledge and covered key roles like International Student Services (especially visa and immigration), Recruiting, and Cross-Cultural Communications and Differences.
We covered:
the WHATs-issues that are pervasive on all college campuses when it comes to dealing with students from China.
the WHYs-intercultural differences like learning how to take a test which does not translate to students’ success in the US classroom.
the HOWs-best practices such as using translation services effectively to receive documents that were written by issuer to avoid forgery or tampering. Building communities to help support students and utilizing existing resources more effectively. Setting up effective orientations both before students leave China until a year into their U.S. studies.
For examples of orientations for Chinese students: please email
Thank you all for attending and should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find the resources we presented on this website.

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